Stress according to different age groups

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1.      Elementary aged children
When elementary children are under stress they tend to worry about their future, have trouble sleeping, feeling unloved, not attending to their school work, not paying attention to friendships, have headaches or stomachaches and may lose their appetite.

2.      Teenagers and Adolescents
When teenagers and adolescents are under stress they tend to lack self esteem, become angry for longer periods of time, sometimes they will do everything they are asked to do and other times they will rebel and do nothing they are supposed to do.
They may also take part in bad habits such as smoking, drugs, shoplifting. However, more importantly this stress at this age may lead to worse conditions such as depression and may also result in suicides. Thus, it is extremely crucial that if you notice these signs or symptoms of stress that you try to combat it immediately.

3.      Middle-age
People in their 30s-50s tend not to get stressed too much unless it is about work or their family life and normally they get stressed trying to find a good balance between these things.

4.      Elderly
Elderly people tend to get stressed far more easily than younger people because their bodies are not in great condition therefore they believe that they are at a greater risk.